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Our Core

The team at 11IoT consists of enthusiasts who aim at making IoT more accessible, upgradable and interoperable. With our no-code powerful toolkit and cloud, we want our end customers to have a seamless integration experience. With our flagship product: infiware we want to bridge the gap between new and old ecosystems and at the same time add more and more compatibility to our existing platform. Thereby, truly justifying infinite smart integrations!

Being embedded developers at our core, our proprietary backend is light weight and arguably seamless. We aim at making a lot IoT

Our Roots

We owe a lot to our parent company: Quick Act Light Systems and Cables Pvt. Ltd, Pune India. This is where the passion was actualized. We started as a System Integrator for Schneider Electric India in 2012. We have handed over luxury Home, Office and Industrial automation projects at scale. Working with over 100+ automation companies and over 1000+ customers we are well versed with various protocols and site conditions. With our flagship product: Infiware we want to give our end customers a robust and upgradable technology that will always cater to the ever-changing IoT world.